Music Information for Weddings


Dear Brides and Grooms:


My name is John Jannis, music director/organist for St. Elizabeth Seton Parish. I am excited to help you with the music for your wedding!


There are a few steps for planning the music for your wedding.

  1. Call John Jannis.  As soon as you know you are going to have your ceremony at St. Elizabeth Seton church, please call me so I can go over the details of selecting songs and finding musicians for your wedding.  I can be reached at: 508-415-4435.  I can also let you know where to mail your completed Order of Music Form.

  2. Print out the Order of Music Form.  This form must be filled out and returned to me with your song and musician selections.  Feel free to call me as you choose if you have questions.

  3. Review the Music Selections Page.  We have compiled a list of songs and made audio files of them available for you to preview. Take your time to listen to all the selections on our audio listing. The music is traditional, reverent and peaceful. I suggest that you make sure you are at a quiet part of your day as you listen so that you can reflect on the lyrics and melodies. Write down the numbers of the songs you would like on the Order of Music Form.

  4. Review our List of Musicians.  We have compiled a list of recommended musicians for weddings. ​These are all members of our music ministry.  All these musicians are qualified and experienced Catholic Church musicians.  You must give these musicians first approval to help you with your wedding music. You may hire and bring in your own musicians coordinated with myself.

  5. Please finalize your selections and send in musician fees no later than one month before your wedding!

Please know that each musician has his or her own fee. My fee is two hundred dollars. Call me if you have concerns in this regard. Weddings can be managed with just organ/piano alone. Stop by the organ before or after one of our weekend masses to chat, or call me at 508-916-6791.

I look forward to your wedding day!



John Jannis

Phone: 508-563-7770         Email Address:

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