Preparing a Funeral Mass


"And Jesus wept," is the shortest verse in the Bible; however, the verse captures the compassion of Jesus as no other verse can.  After the death of a Christian, whose life begins with the waters of baptism and strengthened at the Eucharistic table, the Church celebrates the funeral rites.


To begin, the Order of Christian Funerals are composed of three parts, The Vigil or "Wake," The Mass of Christian Burial/Funeral, and The Rite of Committal or Burial. 


The Vigil or "Wake" allows you, your family, and friends to tell stories about your deceased loved one, to pray together, and relax in the loving presence of Jesus.


The Mass of Christian Burial/Funeral commends your loved one to Almighty God, united to the one sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and offers us Holy Communion, even now, as a foretaste of the banquet feast of Heaven.


The Rite of Committal or Burial returns your loved one to the earth from which humans are formed to await the glorious day of resurrection when death will be no more.


We will now focus on planning The Mass of Christian Burial/Funeral.  The first document that you should print out or reference is the Liturgy Planning Document.  Please select one reading from the Old Testament and New Testament.  The priest will select the gospel reading.


When you are ready to select funeral music, please consult our Funeral Music Page and call our Music Director, Kathleen Kanaley, at 508-563-7628 with your selections and questions.


If at any time you have questions or need guidance, please call the Church Office at 508-563-7770.



Funeral Music Selections



St. Elizabeth Seton Music for Funerals Order:
Opening Hymn_______________________
Responsorial psalm___________________
Offertory Hymn_______________________
Communion Hymn____________________

Recessional Hymn____________________


Choices for Opening and Closing Hymns:
Here I am Lord
Be Not Afraid
Morning Has Broken
Amazing Grace
Eternal Father (Navy Hymn)
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory
Let There Be Peace on Earth
Joyful Joyful
We Adore Thee
Blest are They (Beatitudes)
Precious Lord Take My Hand
How Great Thou Art
Holy God We Praise Thy Name
On This Day O Beautiful Mother

Choices for Responsorial Psalm:
Shepherd Me O God
All I Ask of You
On Eagle’s Wings
I Have Loved You
You are Mine


Choices for Offertory and Communion Hymns:
I am the Bread of Life
Behold the Lamb
Bread Blessed and Broken
Ave Maria
Hail Mary Gentle Woman
Lord You Have Come to the Seashore
Stand by Me
Loving and Forgiving
O God You Search Me
O Loving God (Danny Boy)
One Bread One Body
Only a Shadow
Prayer of St. Francis
Panis Angelicus
Lady of Knock
Rise Up With Him
I Know that My Redeemer Lives (Soper)
Mary’s Song
Shelter Me O God


Choices for Commendation:
Irish Blessing
Jesus Remember Me
Song of Farewell

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