Parish Ministries

There are wonderful ministries available to participate in at St. Elizabeth Seton Church.  We encourage all members of our parish to participate in our ministries.   Below is a listing of all of our ministries.

Pro-Life Ministry

To foster respect for all Human life from Conception to natural death through prayer, education, and support of Pro Life efforts and events.

Prayer for Life every Wednesday after the 9 AM Mass

Holy Hours for Life on special Occasions.

Attendance at the monthly meetings of the Cape Cod Family Life Alliance, a gathering of members from thirteen Catholic parishes on Cape Cod.

Co-ordinate with the Diocesan Pro Life Apostolate when asked to participate in their endeavors through-out the Diocese, or across the country.

Support our local Crisis Pregnancy center, Birthright, through baby showers in conjunction with other ministries, such as the Ladies Guild.

Promote awareness of the annual March For Life In Washington, D.C. every January, and the Cape Cod Bus For Life which brings pilgrims from our area to the March.


USCCB Pro Life Activities
Massachusetts Catholic Conference
Catholic Citizenship
Priests For Life
Project Rachel


Coordinator: Patricia McGoldrick

Contact Information:

Prayer Group

Meets every Thursday in the upper church from 2:30 - 4 PM.  The greatest commandment, as Jesus has said, (Matthew 22:37) is " You shall love the Lord, your God with all your heart, with all you soul, and with all your mind."

Could you be putting too much emphasis on " loving your neighbor" and not enough on showing your love to God directly? Does God expect you to move forward in your quest for spiritual growth and knowledge about Him, or does it feel like you are marching in place? Perhaps you would simply like someone to share your faith with.  Saint Elizabeth Seton Prayer Group offers an opportunity for group prayer and reflective prayer in a conducive setting - in the church.  The commitment is small, but the benefits are large.  There is no obligation to come every week, although you may find yourself wanting to.  The prayer meeting includes the following:











We also offer you the opportunity to join us at Healing Masses, Retreats and Days of Recollection that are held in the local area.


Coordinator : Peter Celi 508 - 563 - 2073

Altar Servers

This exceptionally rewarding ministry calls for a strong commitment to service.  Altar servers assist the priest and deacon at liturgical celebrations.  The “Ministry of Altar” is open to all children, men and women who attend Sunday mass and are in good standing in the Parish. This ministry offers an excellent opportunity to be an active part of the Liturgy of the Eucharist and other liturgical celebrations.

Altar servers responsibilities usually begin 30 minutes before Sunday Mass or 10 minutes before weekday mass.  Altar servers are responsible for the preparation of the sacred vessels, the linens, the books, and any other items needed for the celebration of the Mass. The assigned servers will lead the entrance and recessional processions and serves the priest throughout the Mass.  Servers are responsible for cleanup of sacred vessels, extinguishing candles and setup of sacred vessels before the next scheduled Mass.  This normally takes about 15 minutes after Mass.  This exceptionally rewarding ministry calls for a strong commitment to service.

How To Become Involved:

Monthly altar server training classes for the youth (4th grade through High School) of our parish are held by appointment only.  Please contact Deacon Peter Guresh at to schedule a training session appointment.

Meetings for all active youth servers (youth) are scheduled periodically and are announced in our parish bulletin and web site.

The ministry of adult altar servers is for men and women parishioners who are interested in serving at daily Mass and funerals.  Please email the parish office ( or call the parish office (508) 563-7770 for a training session appointment.


Director: Deacon Peter Guresh

Coordinator: Debbie Oats

Prayer Shawl Ministry


The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month after the 9 a.m. Mass in the church hall.  Bring yarn & needles, knitting or crochet hooks.  There are many blessings knitted into the shawls, for both the knitter & those who receive them.

If you know of anyone who would be comforted by receiving one of these shawls, or for more info about them, please contact Pat M. at  If you are unable to knit a shawl, but would like to donate the yarn for one, also, E-mail Pat.  You may also contact the rectory.


Coordinator: Pat McGoldrick



Men's Club


The Seton Men’s Club attempts to promote Christian fellowship within our Parish in a manner that is acceptable to our members.

Activities include a 25/25 Week Club, an annual PAWSOX trip for families, a SPRING FLING dinner dance in conjunction with the Women’s Guild, & the occasional dinner meeting with wives. We also offer a scholarship to a qualified high school senior who is going to college and has been active in the parish. The Men’s Club provides Rosaries available at the doors of the church, to date having given more than 9,000. We have donated $5000 toward the sound system in the church, & purchased beautiful chalices for use in the church.

Interested in joining? Come to one of our monthly meetings, September through June, held at 7 p.m., in the church hall on the fourth Wednesdays of the month.


Recent Events:  Clam Boil Pictures
St. Vincent de Paul Society


The Saint Vincent de Paul Society of St. Elizabeth Seton Parish is made up of men and women in the parish who are dedicated to helping needy members of the Falmouth community regardless of race, color or creed.  The primary goal of the members is to answer the call of Jesus: "Whatever you do to the least of my people, that you do to me."


"Through the generosity of the members of the St. Elizabeth Seton parish we try to help people who need financial and spiritual assistance.  The "least" of the Lord's people are often hidden from public view.  The majority of our clients are parents of young children who are living on the edge or elderly townspeople who need assistance.  St. Vincent de Paul members meet them in their homes and work with other town agencies, especially the Falmouth Service Center, to help solve their problems. 


In the past year we helped people stay in their homes when they were being foreclosed on.  We helped families with children who are living in motels find a decent place to live. Other assistance we give is in the form of restoring electricity or heat.  We provide food when necessary and car repairs or insurance so that people can get to work.  Vincentians provide transportation to doctor's visits for parishioners who are unable to drive themselves.


At the start of the school year we participate in The Fresh Start Program which provides new clothes and school supplies for Falmouth school children.  At Christmas time we have a parish Giving Tree which provides new winter clothes and other seasonal gifts to needy children.  For Mother's Day we make up bags of toiletries for the mothers in Emerson House and Carriage House as well as women in a battered women's shelter.



St. Elizabeth Seton Guild


The Guild serves as a medium through which the women of St. Elizabeth Seton Parish may speak and act as a unit on matters pertaining to the parish and to further Spiritual and material undertakings.

Some of the activities sponsored by the Guild are the Annual Christmas Fair; which benefits the parish, The Spring Fling to promote community in the parish, co-sponsored with the Seton Men’s Club; the support of charitable endeavors; the awarding of a $1000 scholarship to a senior each year who is going on to college; and support for members in time of need.

Meetings of the Guild are held the third Wednesday of the month at noon, September through June. To join, simply come to a meeting, pay your dues of $10, and hopefully volunteer to help with our endeavors.  You may call the rectory
for more information.



Music Ministry


Church music is prayer.  We encourage everyone to participate by either singing with us at mass or joining one of our choirs.  There are three choirs.


First is our adult choir.  This choir sings year round at the 10:00 a.m. Sunday Mass.


Next is our children’s choir.  We sing at the 8:30 Mass.


Please feel free to visit John Jannis at the church organ or call him at 508-563-7628 if you can join one of our groups.

Phone: 508-563-7770         Email Address:

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