Organ, Piano and Soloist - John Jannis - 508-916-6791

Flute and Voice - Mary Beth Knox - 508-540-5534

Voice - Suzanne Corrado - 508-444-6334


Voice - Caitlin Foos - 508-274-2721


Voice and Guitar - Allan McGarry - 508-776-4682

Allan has a few youtube videos that is not church music.  Check them out anyway.  He is also available for receptions.

Flute - Jeanine Kelly - 508-564-9939

Trumpet - Tom Boming - 774-269-9201

Harp and Voice - Katie Lynch - 508-428-5407
Katie is a member of the College Light Opera Company and performs in many venues on the Cape she is also a Catholic Church choir director and harp instructor.

Strings - Shawn Verfaillie - 508-255-8648 or 508-246-9305
Shawn is an accomplished violinist who participates in Masses all over the Cape.
He can come alone or arrange a quartet for you.

Trumpet and Flute - George Machon - 508-888-1132 or 508-517-9603
George is a great trumpet and flute player. He has his own CD. Please call him for further information.


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