Welcome to the website for Saint Elizabeth Seton Parish, North Falmouth, Massachusetts

This is one of the most beautiful parish churches on Cape Cod, just a short walk to spectacular sunsets of Old Silver Beach, but one that still so many have never heard of, not to mention seen. That's one of the reasons for this website - to allow all people to take a virtual tour of this church and be inspired, as parishioners are, by the beauty of the Catholic faith that it reflects.

In the History of the Parish from its 25th anniversary it states, “With solid faith, unwavering hope and all-consuming love, will the growing family that is the parish of St. Elizabeth Seton continue to work, to pray and to worship together for the Glory of God – the praise of His Divine Son – and the blessings of His Holy Spirit.”

St. Elizabeth Seton’s faith community offers many apostolates and ministries in which all may participate and allow their talents to be shared. We all know that talents are gifts, and gifts are meant to be given and shared with others.

Phone: 508-563-7770         Email Address:

Phone: 508-563-7770         Email Address:

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